August Amazed!

I have read a few blogs about how August should just be cancelled, and we should just skip straight from July to Sept.

Part of me is in total agreement – Aug is hot. It seems to drag forever. School starts – so traffic returns to awful and I have to wake up before 10 am because truancy is frowned upon.

The other part of me looks at what Sci4Ga did this month and is like “We crush it every month! Bring it on Aug!”

In the past month we have had four amazing events. We kicked Aug off with a guided hike around East Palisades, we then learned basic car maintenance at Climate Survival Training, we took a virtual tour of the Okefenokee (because it really is too hot there), and we wrapped it up with an Atlanta Science Tavern about our Environmental Justice Mapping project.

We said farewell to nine fabulous interns and hello to nine new ones. Over the summer these interns created the EJ Map, made ScienceLookup fast, enabled easier participation in data science and advocacy, and hosted a standing-room-only Environmental Justice & Climate Protection Conference.

Which means, Sept will be even more amazing and fantastic August.

On Sept 7 – check out the premiere of Video 1 of our “how to advocate” series and the launch of our advocacy toolkit.

On Sept 12- we host the first of our EJ Fireside Chat Series that enables a deeper dive into community programs that were highlighted during the EJ&CP Conference.

On Sept 23 – we have an Atlanta Science Tavern from the Climate Reality Project.

On Sept 24 – we have Climate Survival Training on Hydroponic Farming.

On Sept 28 – is my favorite event of the year – Sci.toberfest – nerd networking with keynote Dr. Dennis Liotta.

On Sept 29 – we have Science Jazz Hands at Tellus Science Museum.

On Sept 30 we nap. And then we’ll wake up and crush October!

Join us for the wild ride!

Thank you for making Science Matter Here!

Updated on August 31, 2023

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