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Environmental Justice & Climate Protection Conference 2023

June 15, 2023
Emory University, Atlanta Georgia
and Zoom

Our second annual Environmental Justice and Climate Protection Conference brings together community leaders, concerned citizens, elected officials, academics, and industry experts. Together we will break information silos through information sharing focused on identifying solutions to heal and improve the environmental health of all Georgians.


Conference Charge: What can be done *right now* to work with communities to move the needle on addressing environmental impacts on health? How can we measure success so that these immediate actions are sustained?

Attendees to this one-day conference receive solutions-oriented information on the dimensions of environmental health that impact Georgia residents. With sessions on environmental justice impacts, translating knowledge into action, and community coalition building, we will discuss, and more importantly, actively brainstorm, what community work can be done right now to move the needle on improving environmental health.

The event will be hosted by Science for Georgia, Dogwood Alliance, Center for Black Women’s Wellness (CBWW), and Emory’s Center for Children’s Health Assessment, Research Translation, and Combating Environmental Racism (CHARTER) on June 15th at Emory Rollins School of Public Health in Atlanta, and also be broadcast to our many online communities.

To spur people to action – CHARTER will set aside funding, specifically for partnerships formed during this conference, to explore pilot ideas related to Maternal/Child Environmental Health.

Call for Proposals

We are seeking proposals for
1. 15 min conference talks
2. 60 min panels with multiple contributors
3. 60 min instructional / education activity to build connections and skills

Proposals due Feb 24, 2023. Speakers will be notified in early March.

Please submit here (Google Form).

Please reach out with any questions.


Emory University, Atlanta, GA

More details coming soon.

Travel Stipends

Thanks to our generous sponsors, our conference is free of charge. We are seeking additional support so we can offer travel stipends. Please check back in the spring for details.


Sponsors enable us to provide travel stipends, produce high-quality videos, and keep the momentum going.


Super excited about this already? Please sign up here to Save the Date and we’ll check in with you in March to confirm.


The Agenda will be formalized in March. The agenda will be a mix of talks and interactive working sessions. The goal is to walk away with pragmatic ideas and budding partnerships!

Updated on January 10, 2023

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