About Science LookUp

Science Lookup by Science for Georgia strives to provide science information that everyone can apply to their everyday life. Like a tree that falls in a lonely forest, science knowledge is nothing if it isn’t shared and applied.

Members of the science, engineering, technology, engineering, mathematics, medicine, and science-friendly community can contribute articles and be a part of Science Lookup.

Science for Georgia runs an informal editorial committee where members of the community can edit information, provide new information, make infographics, and brainstorm effective ways to reach the general public.

The editorial committee meets once a month. To get started – please sign up to volunteer – and we’ll get you access to our running list of ideas and articles that need editing.

Our editorial process for each article involves
1. Initial Drafting
2. Editing by 2 different individuals
3. Final Publishing

All articles cite information from peer-reviewed articles and trusted sources such as: US Government Agencies (EPA, NIH, CDC, etc) and major news outlets such as NPR, NY Times, and the Washington Post.

Updated on December 27, 2022

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