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Water is a basic building block and necessity for all life. It is essential for agricultural, industrial, and household use for basic human health and economic development. Caring for water and water systems is vital to make sure we have enough to use to drink, grow crops, support fishing, support tourism, and mitigate storm and drought damage. 

To support our life, health, and economy, we need a healthy water system from watershed, to marsh to stream to river to estuary to ocean.  

Water is a finite resource. Use too much of it in one place, or pollute a source in another, and there is not enough for others downstream.  

We can work with resilient natural systems to make this happen or we can attempt to replicate their function through artificial means. By looking at this issue through the lens of One Health – we can deliver solutions that are effective for people, animals, and nature. 

Check out the resources below to learn more and to get involved!

Learn About Water

All About Beavers

Chattahoochee Riverkeeper Floating Classroom

History Land Use at the CNC

Videos from Phinizy Center for Water Science

Videos from The Chattahoochee Nature Center

Videos of Gray’s Reef

Wetlands at the CNC

What is a Watershed?

Take Action

Beach Stewardship Checklist

Beach Stewardship Coloring Book

Make Your Yard Amphibian Friendly

Water Friendly Yard Tips

Water-System Safe Sunscreen

Specific Issues in Georgia

Coal Ash

Coastal Stewardship

Lead in School Water

Okefenokee Swamp

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