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Jumpin out of January

And we are off!

2024 started with a bang at Science for Georgia.

8 Interns
3 Community Ambassadors
1 S. DeKalb Community Environmental Justice Forum
1 Georgia Science Junction on Advocacy
1 Climate Survival Training on Welding

Expect great things out of our interns and ambassadors. Their focus this semester is bringing science to YOU!

We hosted S. DeKalb Forum #2 on Jan 28th and really appreciated learning more about the community and ways that researchers, community members, and the local government are working together to improve the environmental health of S. DeKalb. In the coming months we will host at least one more event and work to distribute environmental health information.

Our Science Junction on Advocacy and our Climate Survival on Welding were big hits. A huge thank you to everyone who came.

Additionally, the Georgia General Assembly is in session, and we will try and keep you up-to-date on ways you can get involved and #SpeakUpForScience. Step one – check out our advocacy toolkit so you are in the know.

We have some fun ways for you to get involved in February.

Two different Days at the Capitol. These are a great way to experience how the GA General Assembly works and how advocacy happens. You get training, talking points, and the security of being part of a crowd. Advocacy with a wing man!

Feb 5th – Environmental Justice Day

Feb 27th – Capitol Conservation Day

We also have a Climate Survival on Feb 11th – a walk through a food forest.

And don’t forget our many, many, many March Atlanta Science Festival Events!

Mar 12 – #SpeakUpForScience

Mar 16 – A Scoop of Science

Mar 21 – Jazz Hands

Thank you for being part of our journey. Your support means the world to us!

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