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Well, that happened…

Finally a month where we can say that in a happy, non-sarcastic way!

It has been an amazing July for Science for Georgia. Let’s talk about how great this month was.  

As you all know, we’ve been focusing on Education & Workforce, especially Literacy. Rep Becky Evans helped sponsor our Reading Resolution in March, and recently invited me as a guest to meet US Secretary of Education Cardona at a school in her district.  

Guess who else showed up? 

Ella Davis, Executive Director of South DeKalb Improvement Association Education, US Senator John Ossoff, Amy Sharma, VP of Science for Georgia!

We got to share our amazing work with both Secretary Cardona and Sen Ossoff! A huge thank you to Rep Evans for inviting us and for being a champion of literacy.

This dovetails nicely into the fact that we have now hosted all four panels of our Education and Workforce Series! We have covered literacy, the budget, the Technical and Community College system, and finally capacity building. We’d like to thank our esteemed partners, Science for Georgia, Science is US, Technology Association of Georgia, Urban League of Greater Atlanta, Partners in Change, and Literacy for All and panelists who included Lt Gov Geoff Duncan!

Lt Gov Geoff Duncan

Check it all out here:

All these fabulous people will get together in Aug to summarize what we learned and talk about concrete, evidence-based, actions to move Georgia forward!

And as we make Science Matter Here, we are excited to announce that Marc Merlin has transitioned Atlanta Science Tavern (AST) management to Science for Georgia. Marc and the AST have been serving the Georgia Science Community for over 14 years, tirelessly spreading the word about the great things we do here in Georgia. We are humbled and pleased to be taking the reins. We hope that we can fill Marc’s shoes in a way that will make him proud.

What does this mean for you? The same great AST content. Up next: Elephant Trunks. We welcome suggestions for speakers. And we will be featuring more SciComm Academy graduates.

And Marc Merlin will be staying involved as a member of the Science for Georgia Advisory Council

The fun doesn’t stop. We are pleased that Monday Night Brewing has agreed to host SciTober Fest (with a beer on the house) on Oct 14th! And Garnish & Gather is providing gift cards for all attendees. Save the date for some awesome science networking and community building.

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