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September Was Stupendous

It’s fall (according to the sun) and we’re ready for some pumpkin spice and for some Sci.Tober Fest!!!

We have kicked off the season with a lot of hard work.

Together with Dogwood Alliance we hosted an Environmental Justice Roundtable to follow-on to our great Environmental Health and Climate Protection conference.

Huge thank you to the Water Tower for hosting us!

Now we will round together all the great ideas provided by the Roundtable and Legislative Roundup into a cohesive set of action items in 2023. If you’d like to help make #sciencematterhere please join our Catalyzer Network.

We had a great crowd come out and learn about Terahertz Imaging and how it can detect safety problems in turbines and aircraft. And, because scientists also like history, how it can reveal corroded inscriptions in artifacts. Big thank you to Dr. David Citrin for the fascinating talk. Check out that talk, and all our talks, on our YouTube channel.

We’ve started a data science project (thanks Emory QTS).

We’ve begun training a cohort of seriously funny scientists for our Nov 4th Science Jazz Hands at Tellus Science Museum.  

And most importantly, we have been planning Sci.Tober Fest. My favorite event of the year. I can’t wait to see you all there.

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