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Science for Georgia’s 2021 Brag Book

This year has been a lot, but in the midst of it all 2021 has been a spectacular year of growth for Science for Georgia.

By the Numbers:

1Resolution designating March as Georgia Reading Month
4Education and Workforce Panels
1Testimony before the Georgia General Assembly
10Atlanta Science Taverns
10Science Tales and Trails
2Atlanta Science Festival Events
2Partner Panels
14Action Guides
25Science Articles
3New Board of Directors members
2600+Views of Science for Georgia YouTube content

Impressive? We think so! We are thankful for all the great people who helped make Science Matter Here.

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Timeline of Awesomeness


Jan 23 – AST: Disparities in Alzheimer’s Research & Care with Maria Misiura, PhD. Dr Misiura was a recent SciComm Academy graduate.


Feb 13 – Science Tales & Trails: Introduction to Nature Journaling with Tom Howick, PhD.

Feb 27 – AST: The General Assembly & Waters of Georgia with Kevin Jeselnik, J.D.


Capital Conservation Day – Science for Georgia assisted the Georgia Water Coalition in Capital Conservation Day (CCD). CCD is an annual “day at the GA General Assembly.” Through the tireless efforts of two Science for Georgia LSEN interns, seven virtual meetings were set up with GA State Senators to discuss water conservation efforts in Georgia. Over 100 community members will be able to attend these meetings.

The Importance of Writing Your Legislator – As part of the Atlanta Science Festival, Science for Georgia hosted 4 GA State Senators and Representatives in a panel discussion around why and how to contact your legislator. 37 viewed this live, 72 on YouTube.

Attendees could request postcards, which they then used to write their legislator. Over 100 postcards were distributed to people around Georgia.

Jazz Hands – Science Stand-Up! 7 scientists were trained in science stand up comedy and delivered their sets to a virtual audience of 55 people. Fun was had. Scientists got better at communicating, and over $750 was raised for Drew Charter School!

Reading Month Resolution – A Science for Georgia Intern worked with multiple members of the Georgia General Assembly to pass a resolution stating that March was “Georgia Reading Awareness Month.”

From left to right, Rep Becky Evans, Amy Sharma (Science for Georgia), Karolina Klinker (Reach Out and Read), Louis Kiphen (Science for Georgia), Randy Gorod (Sci4Ga – holding a photo of Paige Greenwood), and Rep Matt Dubnik.
From left to right, Rep Gregg Kennard, Amy Sharma (Science for 4Georgia), Karolina Klinker (Reach Out and Read), Louis Kiphen (Science for 4Georgia), and Randy Gorod (Science for 4Georgia – holding a photo of Paige Greenwood).

Book Drive – Science for Georgia raised money to donate 300 books to Reach Out and Read. Books were purchased from the Book Worm, a black owned and operated book store in Powder Springs, GA.

Amy Sharma (Science for Georgia) picks up 300 books from Julia Davis, owner of The Book Worm Bookstore.


Science for Georgia starts an advisory council – 15 individuals to guide our mission.

Apr 17 – ST&T: Conserving the Okefenokee Swamp with Bill Sherrier.

Apr 24 – Atlanta Science Tavern, the Physics of Knitting with Sabetta Matsumoto, PhD, goes viral (for us) with 1947+ views and counting on our YouTube Channel.

The Scavenger Hunt to the Sea kicks off. 12 organizations created 14 stops from the mountains to the prairies to the oceans white with foam to showcase the interconnectedness of Georgia’s waterways. Over 230 people participated.


May 8 – ST&T: North Georgia Urban Water Cycle with Kristan VandenHueval

May 22 – AST: Sustainable Business Practices with Sarah Ku, PhD candidate at Georgia State University.

We said farewell to 4 amazing interns and hello to 4 new amazing interns!

Our Winter Interns. Clockwise from top left: Tanisha, Daniel, Yohanna, Paige.
Our summer interns. In person! Left to right: Bethany, Emma, Brooke, and Jordan


We held the first two of our four part Education and Workforce Panel series. Experts discussed the Science of Literacy and How Education is Paid For in Georgia.

June 12 – ST&T: Rain Barrels: Get Filled in on Filling Up with Rachael L. Osborne

June 26 – AST: The Science of Ice Cream! For our first in-person event in over a year, over 40 people gathered at the Decatur Square Bandstand to hear Michael and Daniel give an interactive (and messy) demonstration about What on Earth Ice Cream Actually Is.


Two more Education and Workforce Panels are held where we discussed the Technical and Community System of Georgia and Capacity Building (featuring Lt Gov Geoff Duncan!).

July 10 – ST&T: Livin’ la Vida Okra with Kimberly Koogler

July 24 – AST: The Science of Redistricting with David Cottrell, PhD.


Education and Workforce Roundtable. Over 20 people met in-person and virtually to understand important things to focus on to improve our education and workforce pipeline. Building on what we learned from the panel series, the attendees said our short term focus should be on evidence-Based Literacy Instruction, fully funding the proper number of school councilors and nurses, making pathways from high school to TCSG to college to workforce clear, and adult literacy programs.

Aug 14 – ST&T returned to in person with Sustainable Agriculture – Common Market & Common Good from Bill Green.

Aug 28 – AST Elephant Trunks: A New Grasp on Robotics with Andrew Schulz, PhD candidate at Georgia Tech.

The Science for Georgia BOD met to discuss and outline a 2022 strategic plan.

Sci4Ga. Lew Lefton, Randy Gorod, Amy Sharma, Anita Corbett, Brandy Wade, Priya D’Souza, Amy Abdoulivic-Cui, Louis Kiphen


Sept 10. Food Insecurity Roundtable. Over 20 people met virtually to understand important things to focus on to move the needle in reducing food insecurity. These experts decided that an immediate focus should be on community capacity building, transparent and uniform metric reporting, and expanding successful public-private partnerships.

Sept 25 – AST: Restoring the Satilla River: A Lesson in Grassroots Success with Amy Abdulovic-Cui, PhD, A. Loren Mathews, PhD, Jessica M. Reichmuth, PhD.


Oct 6. Science for Georgia speaks before the Georgia Senate Study Committee on Improving Access to Health Foods and Eliminating Food Deserts.

Oct 9 – ST&T: Alcohol Misuse & Lungs: When Superheroes Lose Superpowers with Samantha Yeligar, PhD.

Oct 14. SciTober Fest – We had SciTober Fest!!! We gathered 60+ in-person and 20+ virtual for this great event.  A huge thank you to Monday Night Brewing for hosting us and providing beer. And to Garnish and Gather for providing a locally sourced meal kit. And to IEEE WIE and IEEE YP and AWIS for being the best sponsoring partners ever. Beer was had. And bingo was played. Molly Samuel inspired us to talk to the media. Importantly, Louis challenged each of us to commit to making science matter in our community.

Molly Samuel, WABE

Oct 23 – AST: Think Like a Scientist with Jasmine George, PhD Student at Morehouse School of Medicine.


Nov 2 – Braves win the World Series. Ending a month of stressful baseball watching.

Nov 20 – AST: Explore the Chattahoochee RiverLands with Walt Ray.

Nov 30 – Edit an Open Letter from scientists about the implications of mining at the Okefenokee Swamp. Signed by 44 scientists and counting.

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