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Jan 28 – CST: Why Weld? Sustainable Structures from Scrap

Location: South River Art Studios

1300 Fleetwood Dr SE, Atlanta, GA 30316

Date: Sunday, January 28th

Time: 12pm

CST: Why Weld? Sustainable Structures from Scrap

Metal is everywhere! And not just in stores: It is sitting in scrap piles all over the world just waiting to assemble into the structures you need! Rainwater catching, fences, gardening lattices, alternative shelters, pee-wee herman-esque breakfast machines, madmax  motor-creations! All these things need to be built and welding is a great way to do it!

Julia Hill of Sculpture Things will give us an introduction to welding and scrap at South River Art Studios on Sunday January 28th at noon! We will cover how to identify different metals, the benefits and hazards of using scrap, sourcing local materials, an overview of various welding processes, and where in Atlanta students can learn more.

This is free, and parking is ample! See you there!

Speaker: Julia Hill

Julia Hill is an artist based in Atlanta, GA. She was born and raised in New Orleans and received her BFA from Tulane University in 2005.

Julia spends a lot of time playing in, cleaning up, and observing nature. She loves exploring urban forests and wastelands, waterways, and wild spaces. Her ecological studies and interests are reflected in her work through abstracted natural forms and animal representations. Objects salvaged from her wanderings often inspire the eventual works. Twisted and weathered steel bits, old bed springs, concrete rubble, and other found detritus is an increasingly dominant component in her body of sculptures.

Over the years her studio practice has incorporated installation, puppetry, public art, sculpture, ceramics, drawing, printmaking, and painting. Through her business Sculpture Things, she manages projects including custom fabrication, installation services for public art, creative project facilitation, and art direction.

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