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AST: Making Positive Climate Impact with Hazel

Mar 2nd, 2022

7pm – 9pm

In Person

Location: Monday Night Garage, 933 LEE ST SW, ATLANTA, GA 30310

Science and business working together to save the world!

Climate change is panic-inducing. Some change requires action by state, federal, and world governments to deal with the enormity of the problem. But, as a single individual, what can you do that has a real impact?

A local Atlanta startup has an answer! Come learn about Hazel, a new mobile app that makes it simple and fun to support carbon removal projects that reverse climate change. Their team is trying to change the way users approach the carbon removal marketplace and make it fun to have a direct impact.

Although the company behind Hazel is an impact organization, this delightful app was designed by actual humans who function in the real world and have to make money–learn about how the team balances climate impact with the needs of their business and investors.

We’ll cover:

– How does the carbon offset market work? What are the types of offsets available, and how can a user have the most direct impact on climate change?

– How is Hazel trying to make it more rewarding for each individual user to contribute to carbon removal? 

– How is the team selecting specific projects, and what’s their long-term project strategy?

– How can you as an individual get involved?

Over an hour you will learn how the app was made, economic perils of the carbon market, and how science can impact business choices. And, time permitting, the team will demo the next generation version of Hazel — you’ll get to see what the future of the product looks like before it’s available to the general public!

In a magic panel moderated by Amy Sharma, PhD, ED of Sci4Ga (and generally amazing person)

Talk with three superstars:

Ed Thomas, CEO and Founder of 412 Technology

Eri Saikawa, PhD, Associate Prog, Dept of Env Sciences, Dept of Env Health, Emory University

Nicki Spencer, Head of Partnerships for 412 Technology

Anyone who donates at least $10 to Sci4Ga for a VIP seat will also receive a free first month of 100% Impact on the Hazel app for signing up. 

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Mar 2nd, 2022

6:30pm -Doors Open

7pm –  Introduction

7:05pm – Talk starts

7:45pm -Q&A

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