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Green Spaces

Greenspaces are beneficial for the community they are located in. City should strive to distribute them equitably and ensure community...

Landfills In Georgia

By Brooke Lappe Landfills release large amounts of hazardous and otherwise harmful chemicals into the surrounding air and water. These...

Timeline to Profit for Diversifying Farming Practices

Farmers and Policymakers can meet the needs of the present without diminishing opportunities for the future. -John Ikerd, Prof of...

soil amendments & soil productivity

Efforts to make Georgia soil more productive may be curtailed by confusion over what a soil amendment is. A soil...

How to bring a positive approach to conversations about food

By Ariel Armstrong Food insecurity is an issue for millions of Americans. Food, and what we eat, are wrapped in...

Ask a Scientist

Have a science question? We have science answers. Please send us an email and we'll get back to you. Thank you for your curiosity.
Ask Science

Science for Georgia is a 501(c)(3). We work to build a bridge between scientists and the public and advocate for the responsible use of science in public policy.

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